By Enrique SimonetAn incredible oil for Magic, Ritual and Personal Fragrance! Enjoy this exclusive formula!

Fragrance classification is often subject to change, adaptation and alteration. There are various fragrance families such as floral, oriental, woody and fresh. These are further divided into sub groups such as woody-oriental or floral-oriental.

Depending on the time period of classification, and the area of the world the classification system arose, there are numerous fragrance families referenced in most perfumery.

However, Child of the Lady seems to defy classification. It changes during the day, according to your mood and your surroundings. It can be citrus at first, then floral, then woody and amber/oriental and finally even a bit woody and fougere! Most perfumers would probably try to classify it as an "amber" type. Unlike many perfumes, personal anointing oils and ritual oils, Child of the Lady will not become acidic or vinegary as you wear it, but instead blends with and enhances your personal scent.

Floral Spicy Amber is probably the most accurate description of the fragrance. However, Child of the Lady defies truly accurate sub-categorization because of its complexity of herbal, citrus, floral, spice, amber and woody notes. It is rare that such complexity can come off so balanced and wonderful. It took many years for me to perfect the balance and synergistic energy of this unique blend, and now I'm sharing it exclusively to

Child of the Lady (COTL) is formulated as a magic and ritual oil, and as a personal fragrance. Most people would feel that this is a fragrance for women, however it is not gender specific for magic and rituals. We know both men and women who use COTL as their personal, daily fragrance. It is a classy, sensual and spicy fragrance, reminiscent of the exotic, arcane and magical. You might find that this becomes your own, personal signature fragrance.

The energy of COTL is tailored to draw people toward you, especially positive people who will be beneficial in your life, and to accentuate and boost the positive aspects of your personality, energy and appearance.

This makes it excellent for attracting friends and partners, new jobs (great for interviews) and for opening doors of opportunity. At the same time, it helps support memory, psychic skills and intuition, and boosts mental, magical and psychic energy. COTL is unique in that even though it is tailored for drawing and attraction, it is also protective and balanced to prevent negative energies or people from being attracted to you.

Use COTL to anoint candles prior to energy work, spells and rituals, or to anoint tools. It is particularly useful for workings of prosperity, happiness, success, opportunities, compromise, attraction, beauty, drawing, protection, friendship and true love. It is also perfect for personal anointing at initiations and dedications, Sabbats, Esbats and other celebrations, or for daily use.

You should begin creating COTL a week prior to the Full Moon. This will be the waxing moon phase. You will need to allow it to rest for a week before use. You may wish to charge it while creating it, and again on the actual Esbat date. This recipe is designed to be synergistic* and skin safe. Alteration of this recipe is not recommended and may result in a skin irritating oil.

The Formula

  • 20 ml Amber Fragrance Oil (pure concentrate, not diluted)
  • 10 g. Amber Resin
  • 4 drops Clove Bud Essential Oil (Eugenia caryophyllata from Indonesia)
  • 4 to 5 g. Dragon's Blood Resin (a piece about the size of a grape)

In a pestle and mortar, crush the dragon's blood resin into a fine powder. Add the amber fragrance oil and the clove bud essential oil and grind well. (Do not add the amber resin yet!) Allow to rest about 5 minutes so any particulate will settle to the bottom of the oil in the mortar, then grind again.

Coffee Filter Cut to fit a FunnelCut an unbleached coffee filter so it will fit into a small funnel as shown in the picture to the left (click the picture to enlarge). The smaller you make the filter, the less oil will be absorbed by the paper and wasted. Pour the amber/clove oil and dragon's blood mixture into the filter and allow to drip into a glass bottle. It may take an hour or more to complete this filtration.

After the oil has been filtered, you can discard the paper filter and any dragon's blood particulate it contains, or set it on a glass plate and allow the fragrance to permeate your home like a potpourri. You should now have about 15 ml (1 Tablespoon or 1/2 ounce) of dragon's blood infused amber/clove oil. The paper filter probably absorbed between 1 ml and 8 ml of your oil. Your filtered oil will now appear fiery red or red-orange.

Clean out your pestle and mortar, dry thoroughly and grind the 10 g. of amber resin into a fine paste. Add your filtered dragon's blood/amber/clove oil to the amber paste in the mortar and blend thoroughly. The amber resin should be completely dissolved and your oil should be fairly clear.

Pour the amber/clove/dragon's blood/amber resin oil into a high quality bottle with a phenol cap. These can be obtained through online suppliers found in a Google search. For mixing, I use a bottle with about a 4 oz (118 ml) capacity. After aging, it is best to bottle this oil up in smaller containers of 1/2 oz (15 ml) or less or use to prevent oxygen contamination.

To your bottle containing the above mixture, add the following:

  • 6 drops Atlas Cedar Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica from Morocco)
  • 5 ml Liquid Benzoin Resin
  • 2 drops Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia from Italy)
  • 2 lentil size pieces Borneal Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora from China - this will dissolve into the oil during the aging process)
  • 2 drops Cassia Essential Oil (Cinnamomum cassia from China)
  • 10 ml Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum from Sri Lanka)
  • 52 drops Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale from China)
  • 7 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus paradisii from California)
  • 10 drops Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum from Egypt or India)
  • 18 drops Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil (Lavendula officinalis from France)
  • 54 drops Lavender Grosso Essential Oil (Lavendula hybrida from France)
  • 52 drops Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limonum cold pressed from California)
  • 4 drops Lime Essential Oil (Citrus aurantifolia from Mexico)
  • 2 lentil size pieces Mimosa Absolute (Acacia decurrens - India, Tamil Naduacacia decurrens - break up into small sand grain size pieces, these will dissolve into the oil during the aging process)
  • 6 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis from Florida)
  • 6 drops Bitter Orange Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium from the Dominican Republic)
  • 6 drops Mandarin Red Orange Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata from Italy)
  • 28 drops Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin from Indonesia)
  • 7 drops Pennyroyal Essential Oil (Mentha pulegium from Morocco)
  • 10 ml Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena from Bulgaria [preferred] or Russia [also great])
  • 10 drops Rosewood Essential Oil (Aniba roseodora from Brazil)
  • 28 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum album from Mysore India)
  • 13 drops Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata from Oregon, organically grown if available)
  • 9 ml Vanilla Fragrance Oil (pure concentrate, not diluted)
  • 1600 IU Vitamin E Oil
  • 6 drops Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium flower oil from Egypt)
  • 10 drops Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens, Bourbon Type from the Reunion Islands)
  • 1/2 of a lentil size piece Pine Moss Absolute (Evernia furfuacea from France - This is the same Evernia species that grows on oaks and is also called "Oak Moss," however, the species found growing on pines takes on a better woody note and should be used instead of oak moss when available. - this will dissolve in the oil during the aging process)
  • 9 ml Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (first extraction type, Cananga odorata genuina from Madagascar)

Seal your bottle tightly and shake well.

Place into your freezer for one hour. Remove and thaw. Shake thoroughly again. Repeat the freeze/thaw/shake cycle two more times (for a total of three freeze/thaw cycles).

Allow your oil to age and rest in a cool, dark place (not as cold as the refrigerator). Shake the oil thoroughly at least once a day, and better yet, every few hours or so. Your oil should age at least a week and if you began creating it a week prior to the full moon, you can charge it and use it during your Esbat celebration. If you notice any pieces of mimosa absolute, pine moss absolute or Borneol camphor, you'll need to age it longer. These can sometimes take a bit longer to completely integrate into the oil.

This recipe is for what is know in the perfume world as a concentrate. It is a very potent, pure fragrance that would be diluted by the large perfume houses with alcohols, benzophenone, artificial coloring, carrier and fixed oils, etc. to become an extract (perfume or parfum), eau de parfum, toilet water or eau de cologne. Any oil of this intense concentration may stain clothing and react with jewelry or plastics. Store in glass and apply sparingly to areas that will not come into contact with jewelry or plastic.

Note the proportion of concentrate used in the following products in the Fragrance Concentration chart below. COTL is listed as "PaganPath Oils & Perfumes." For example, to make a COTL cologne, you would dilute 8% of the concentrate you'll make from this recipe with 92% alcohol or carrier/fixed oils. In other words, a cologne is 8 drops of concentrate (what you'll make from this recipe) with 92 drops of alcohol or carrier oil.  (Click on the image below to enlarge.)

Strength of fragrance concentrations in various perfume and cologne formuli

It is not recommended that you make COTL into a cologne or other dilute product. However, if you have any skin sensitivity to the concentrate (very unlikely), you may find it beneficial to blend the entire amount of concentrate you create from this recipe with an equal amount of Di-propylene glycol (DPG). DPG can help make essential oils more skin safe, slows evaporation and blends with the other oils best.

Synergistic* the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual ingredients, expressed as 2 + 2 = 5.

Supply Note The amber resin used in this recipe is the soft, fragrant type sold in lumps. Trade Wind amber is preferred for this recipe, however you may use celestial, honey, red or any other type of amber you prefer. Trade Wind amber can usually be found on ebay.

References & Resources

  • PDF: Fragrance Perception: Is Everything Relative? Recent research presents a leap towards a consensus in fragrance mapping by Laura Donna
  • A good Fragrance Wheel with the fragrance families
  • Wikipedia on the Fragrance Wheel
  • I do still make this formula and have some on hand in solid form.  This is three parts of the pure concentrate to one part pure beeswax, making a 75% concentration.  A small container (about .15 ounce - approximately the amount in most tubes of lip balm) is available for about $25. Contact me if you wish to purchase some.
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