A Crash Course in a Witch's Garden

A Witch knows that when considering our health, we cannot separate it from our environment. The Earth's health influences and reflects our own. As Pagans, we are particularly responsible for caring for our environment…

The Garden's Unseen Magical Forces

There are unseen forces working their magic in your garden! Have you ever printed a photograph when your ink cartridge is out of yellow ink?  Have you ever had pumpkin pie without spices, or unsalted, unseasoned…

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very useful for the creation of ointments, balms, unguents and solid scents.  This is because it is very stable and because most  types of coconut oil are semi-solid, melting at about skin…

Sacred Lotus & Heat Producing Plants

You maintain a body temperature of around 37 °C (98.6 °F) as do many warm blooded animals.  But there are some remarkable plants that also have thermoregulation!  The Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) can produce…

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood Resin comes from the collected and dried sap of many plant genera.  Usually it is harvested from a type of spiny, climbing palm, "Daemonorops draco." Daemonorops translates to "demon shrub" most…

Absinthe: A Witch's Brew

To begin to understand the mystery that surrounds absinthe, I'd like you to go back in time a bit in your mind, to the 19th century (1800s), to the days of bohemian absinthe drinking.  Many "free thinkers" are using…

Easy Medicinal Tea Herb Garden

This garden will provide some basic medicines, and some delicious teas.  All the plants require a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight each day so keep an eye on your property to see where they would be…

Why Would a Witch Want Chickens if We Don't Do Sacrifices?

Chickens have an essential part in gardening, especially Witches' gardening.  Chicken tractors can mow, fertilize, and weed for you, leaving you with free time to do magick and worship.  They will help you to…

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