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PaganPath Site BlessingsWelcome to and thank you for coming! We hope you enjoy your time here and return frequently for daily updates and additions. Though certainly not a poetic masterpiece, our site blessing was written from the heart by Friday.

PaganPath is dedicated to YOU.

Aloud we speak the names of the ancients;
dancing spirals under bright moonlit skies.
We walk our paths with courage and joy;
we are healers, scholars, seekers ~ the wise.

Content with the gold sun and silver moon;
no leaders or followers will you find;
for we know true power comes from within;
all Pagans must have independent minds.

All paths are one and lead to the center;
bright blessings and peace to all who enter.

Discover the extraordinary. is filled with thousands of pages of original and insightful writing: Articles, recipes, gardening tips, games, and spells - plus interactive forums and online courses and classes for you to study at your own pace.

Come learn about herbs or the tarot, Wicca and Witchcraft or the Sabbats. Maybe you just want to relax, or share your own experiences and knowledge. There's something for everyone from the curious beginner to the well seasoned sage.

New and completely original material is added daily, and nothing is ever copied from books or other web sites.

Blessing by Friday Wyrd, Copyright 2013 © :  This site blessing was written by Volute / Friday for the site many years ago. Please enjoy but don't copy. Many bright blessings to You!

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