Witches of East End Library Window

The Lifetime television network premiered the series "Witches of East End" on October 6th, 2013. In the show (based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz) there is a library where one of the Witches works.

The library has…

Inside a Witches' Coven

PaganPath Book Review:

We give this book 3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars:  About a year after we began writing about our experiences with Covens, Groups and Partnerships, Edain McCoy put out this book through…

A Fun Witchy Quiz

Eleven challenging and interesting questions to test your Witchcraft knowledge. Some obscure trivia and some common sense mixed together to make an entertaining, quick quiz.

The answer to each question is written in…

Fiction for Pagans

There are some wonderful books that Pagans, Witches and Wiccans may be quite interested in, but because they are fiction they are frequently overlooked.  As part of your studies, it is important to develop your…

Doggerel or Genius?

Before the internet was around, the author of PaganPath.com published a newsletter in the 1980's and into around 1990 entitled Cognizance & Free Thought (C&FT).

This weird attempt at humour and poetry first…

Ten Psychic Exercises To Lift Your Spirits

Although I cannot guarantee that these Ten "Psychic" or "Spiritual" Exercises To Lift Your Spirits are funny, they are at least original.

  1. Light a candle on your roomie's, friend's, or relative's forehead while they are…
Stone Soup A Traditional Folk Tale

Stone soup is a popular folk tale. Many versions exist and this version, highly adapted specifically for the online PaganPath Witchcraft course, remains closely based on the traditional basic story line.

Although this…

Witchy Pentacle Crossword

It is easiest to print this image of just the pentacle puzzle area and then use this page for your clues.

Witchy Pentacle Puzzle Answer Key Below


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