Although I cannot guarantee that these Ten "Psychic" or "Spiritual" Exercises To Lift Your Spirits are funny, they are at least original.

  1. Light a candle on your roomie's, friend's, or relative's forehead while they are sleeping. See how long it takes for them to wake up. This will tell you how long you will live.
  2. Tell your future by interpreting the patterns in popcorn, beer cans and cigarette butts left on the floor after your last party. It is a lot like reading tea leaves.
  3. Choose an outfit for the day using a divining rod.
  4. Determine what your friends have done during the day by smelling their odor eaters.
  5. Go outside skyclad, come in and interpret the patterns in your goose bumps. It is a lot like reading tea leaves.
  6. Tape music videos, play them backwards on your VCR and try to find subliminal images and rock stars that take on Satanic appearances.
  7. Interpret forms in your sculptured carpet. It is a lot like reading tea leaves.
  8. At breakfast, eat all but a few bits of cereal, then stir it vigorously and interpret the resulting designs. (I actually did this one!) It is a lot like reading tea leaves.
  9. Develop a 'tarot' style deck using subscription card inserts from magazines.
  10. Lay on the floor under a table in a restaurant and interpret the designs and patterns in the gum wads. It is a lot like reading tea leaves!
Before the internet was around, the author of published a newsletter in the 1980's and into around 1990 entitled "Cognizance & Free Thought".  This weird humour first appeared in the newsletter.
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Ouroboros's Avatar
Ouroboros replied the topic: #2 09 May 2016 12:38
Thanks Friday, It was a lot like reading tea leaves. Very amusing.

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