A spell is cast by one of the three daughters with the library window in the background.The Lifetime television network premiered the series "Witches of East End" on October 6th, 2013. In the show (based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz) there is a library where one of the Witches works.

The library has round windows adorned with Theban Script, a magical substitution cipher used by Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and other practitioners to obfuscate passages in written spells and books of shadows.  Theban script is also known as the Witches' Runes.

One of the windows at the mid landing on a set of stairs is featured clearly enough in the first season that the PaganPath staff has been able to attempt a translation.

A great shot of the letters on the windowClick on any image in this article to see a larger view of the library window in Witches of East End, and the possible translations and meanings provided by PaganPath. You can click on the right or left side of the enlarged image to scroll through the slide show of pictures. Perhaps season two will provide more images and clues.

Possible Theban Script from the Library Window in Lifetime's Witches of East EndIs the X used as a w?This lead role is played by Rachel Elizabeth BostonAnother picture at the top of the stairsA rose style window - sub rosa means under the rose.Newell post at the upper landingWitches of East EndTranslating the letters is tricky.  One letter is replaced directly by another symbol.  Do you have a different view or translation?Witches Runes or Theban Script

References & Resources

Read more about Theban Script in this PaganPath article.  Also, print out a free bookmark so you can translate the Witches' Runes.

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