Hand Rolled Incense Smudgies

Learning – Divination – Study – Memory
Rosemary, Kenya frankincense, Oman frankincense, copal.
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Learning – Divination – Study – Memory
Rosemary, Kenya frankincense, Oman frankincense, copal.

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More information about Smudgies: 

Premium – Hand Rolled – Custom Incense Sticks

Smudgies vary in size do to a number of factors like ingredients and humidity. Each stick is measured out with a teaspoon scoop then hand rolled into sticks that are about 1/4'' thick and between 4'' and 6'' long.

Smudgies are what we call our rustic looking incense sticks, which are more accurately called “dhoop” sticks.  We create these dhoop incense sticks by mixing resins, herbs and spices with pure essential oils, natural rare absolutes and water from hot springs, rain, or other sacred sources (depending on the intended magickal purpose). The paste is then rolled into easy to use sticks or dhoop (pronounced “doop”), and then cured for optimal energy and fragrance. Excellent for indoor and outdoor use!

Each stick is very concentrated and can be used many times. The thick sticks stand up easily in sand, so you can burn them in any dish, cauldron or flower pot. Simply light one end, wait for the flame to catch a few seconds, and then blow them out to allow the energy to be released with the smoke. You can use Smudgies to prepare areas  for ritual and magickal workings, or to infuse any tool or ritual space with your energy and intent. When your work is finished, simply turn the stick upside down into the sand to extinguish it, and then save it for later use. One smudgie is equivalent to 5 to 8 sticks of masala style incense (common incense sticks with the bamboo core).

The name “Smudgies” began at home when we were trying to find a way to purify a small room and altar tools with sage smoke, without overwhelming the senses or burning holes in the altar cloth. These are frequent problems when using traditional sage bundles, especially indoors, due to the ash and sparks. A traditional white sage smudge was simply too much, so we created a smaller, concentrated version that is easier to use and has far less smoke, ash and sparks. Even though our smudgies are used for many different ceremonies, the name stuck because when we roll the wet dhoop dough, the incense leaves a smudge on the work surface and our hands.

We do not use fillers, artificial colors or fragrances; and our incense will not cause your eyes or nose to burn like many of the synthetic varieties of incense on the market.


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