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Premium custom designed handfasting certificates.  You will work closely with our artist to create your own, unique and extremely beautiful handfasting certificate.  Your certificate will be mailed to you and you will have a digital copy you can print.

Designs vary widely from modern Celtic, Pennsylvania Dutch, Clean Contemporary, Classic Calligraphy, Illuminated Manuscript, neo-Pagan Tribal Tattoo Style, Persian Illumination and much more.

Your names can be in any font style, or we can leave the certificate blank and you can print off as many copies as you like.  This is particularly convenient for covens and Pagan clergy who do numerous handfastings.

You may also select any of these certificates:

Certificate of Commitment
Certificate of Marriage
Certificate of Handfasting
Certificate of Wiccaning
any other custom wording

We will discuss your design ideas through email, text or phone (or all of the above) and you will be sent three "mock ups" similar to those displayed here in the shop (but of course in a style we have discussed).

Once you select your favorite, we will make any additional modifications you desire and send you a final proof.

When you fall in love with the final proof, we will print it out for you on the highest quality archival parchment paper (many styles to choose from here too), add any desired calligraphy and gold seal(s) and ship it to you.  Your final copy is also emailed to you in digital format so you can print it out, or share it on facebook or other social media.

These are not your standard clip art print-and-go templates.  Each certificate is carefully hand crafted, unique, one-of-a-kind heirlooms.

Pictured are a few examples of our work, but this is a very small sampling of the variety and abilities of our artists.

Please remember:

  • These samples are quick, low resolution examples of just a few styles, similar to what you will see in your mock ups.  They help you and the artists get an idea of what you want.  Your final proof will be considerably higher quality both in artistry and resolution!
  • Your certificate is created just for you, it is a unique work of art and an heirloom to be cherished.
  • Covens and clergy may wish to have a "blank" certificate made to your exact specifications for repeated use.  There is no extra charge for this.
  • Frames are available upon request starting at $5
  • 81/2 inch by 11 inch or A4 paper size is standard, but we will work in almost any size, style or shape you desire.



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