Cast Iron Wheel of the Year

Mini cast iron with Wheel of the Year print.
Wheel Ward
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Mini cast iron skillet with the Pagan Path wheel of the year printed on quality paper and adhered to the center. The skillet is 5 1/8'' across and 5/8'' deep with 3/16'' thick wall and bottom. The handle is 4 3/4'' long with a 3/8'' hole near the end. A great gift for a kitchen witch.

Iron is a symbol of strength, protection, and life-giving warmth, as it is seen as a combination of the elements of Earth and Fire. Iron and steel are traditional charms against malevolent spirits, fairies, goblins, djinn and the like. Thor's hammer Mjolnir was forged of iron. In Plutarch's mystical writings, iron and lodestone are referred to as the "bone" or "core" of the gods. Symbolically, iron is the bone, the foundation or the mineral core of both blood and red ochre (a natural red pigment). 

Homing pigeons (Columba livia) contain within their beaks tiny particles of an iron oxide crystal called magnetite that allows them to sense and navigate the earths magnetic field.


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