Free Samples, Snail Mail & Privacy

03 Feb 2018 09:48 - 12 Apr 2018 20:41 #1 by Bruce A. Grayson
Free Samples, Snail Mail & Privacy was created by Bruce A. Grayson
By default, all postal mail sent to you from PaganPath is discretely marked and only sent when you request it such as when you order something from the Shop or request a completion certificate in the Academy.

When your requested parcels are sent to you, all mail is marked with the private return address:
Wind n Wood
35 Wind n Wood Trail
Story, AR 71970-7907

When you login to the site, the home page transforms and contains Your Control Panel. Click on the PaganPath logo at the top of any page on the site to go there (and be sure you are logged in to see Your Control Panel at the top). Click on Your "Account". Fly there to edit your mailing address and to opt-in to surprise mail.

You do not need to fill out your mailing address, but this area may already be filled out for you if you purchased anything from the Shop or are a Premium Member. This address area is private, and can only be viewed by you and the site administrators.

When we create new items like incense, oil blends, booklets, and almanacs, we like to share them with regular visitors (Free and Premium). Your feedback on free samples is important, and we like to share exciting new things with you.

If you would like to be included in these Surprise Mails, check the box in this area.

If you check this box, please keep your mailing address up to date.
Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme, dlovgodiva, KatMarie, erinnhope64

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