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PaganPath Forum House RulesIntent & Goals

The Courtyard is the center of the Forum, intended for general discussion on Paganism, magic(k), Wicca, Witchcraft, the occult, herbs, gardening, practical applications of your spiritual path, or just connecting with other like minded folk.  Discussions should be kept appropriate for general audiences.

The Courtyard can be read by the public, but only registered Members (Free or Full) can post topics or reply to topics.

House Rules

This is the most important house rule, and applies to all the other rules below.

Friday is the site administrator (admin), but keeping the Forum a safe and sane place for discussions is not possible without the help of a small group of volunteer moderators (mods) and your participation.

We all have busy lives and other jobs, families and responsibilities.  None of the admins/mods have the time or inclination to police every post.  This is an area of trust and self moderation for every participant.  Your posts reflect on you, and on the site, and on the community.  Act right.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  If you do not share an opinion presented by someone else, counter it with a factual and well articulated post, without attacking the person who's opinion is incongruous from your own.  Opinions change.  Words have power.  Personal attacks serve no productive purpose.

Be Honest:
Check your facts and be truthful to the best of your ability.  There are many sensitive and often psychic individuals on the site and deceit has no place in this safe environment.

Keep it Clean:
Words have power.  Try to communicate without excessive profanity.  Remember that The Courtyard is viewable to the public and any mature discussions or language should be kept to a minimum or use the "spoiler" tag.

No Advertising:
Links to outside sites will be deleted.  If you want to sell something or promote your site there are appropriate mediums for such advertising.  The PaganPath discussion Forum is not an appropriate medium for advertising, and Full Members pay dues to keep the site free of advertising.  If you wish to share a link, just contact Friday through private message, text message, chat, phone or email.

Keep it Legal:
Don't post about illegal activity or encourage others to break the law.

Topic Restrictions:
You are welcome to discuss any topic, but keep in mind the Forum Intent & Goals at the top of this page, and the House Rules. Do not intentionally bait Members or start flame wars by posting defamatory comments, personal attacks, hot political topics or other messages intended to incite conflict rather than discussion.

Offensive Materials:
If you read something slanderous, illegal, libelous or offensive, please report the post to an admin or mod.  There can be a fine line between maintaining a safe and sane place, and big brother censorship.

Spamming & Religious Proselytizing*:
To keep the Forum a safe place for people who are often persecuted in our society due to their minority beliefs (Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, psychics, etc.), some posts are subject to immediate deletion, and the author of these posts banned temporarily or permanently.  Although this is rare, it has happened a handful of times in the past.  These posts are of the fire-and-brimstone-fundamentalist-propaganda type or are of the buy-pharmaceuticals-see-naked-girls-advertising type.

PaganPath Forum House Rules


Don't just lurk, speak up! The more you post messages, the easier it becomes, and the more you get back. The first dozen posts are the most difficult. Keep the House Rules in mind but be yourself and share with others. The more you post, special areas of PaganPath open up.

This is Your Forum! Have fun, share, learn, laugh, grow. The more messages you post, the more site features will open up for you such as extra private message space, new areas in the menus that you didn't know existed will suddenly appear, or you will have the ability to add attachments. Those who contribute extensively or consistently to the Forum are frequently given free Full Membership and access to the Academy and private Member areas.

Further Reading:

Wikipedia article explaining Internet Forums
Wikipedia entry on the term Proselytism

Further reading contains some links that are off-site. If you discover broken links, please report them to Friday through the Contact Us area, or Members may connect with Friday through Private Messaging, phone or email.

Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme, hatozone, KatMarie

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