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Seeing Shadows & Witch Cats

05 Apr 2013 06:40 #1 by Friday
Friday created the topic: Seeing Shadows & Witch Cats
Thank You from these Members:: gacrwfrd

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09 Oct 2016 14:29 #2 by gacrwfrd
gacrwfrd replied the topic: Seeing Shadows & Witch Cats
great article, Yes I see what I call "Shadowlings" all the time everywhere, which are different from the ghosts I see. I just noticed this year a ghost farmer, every time I clean this one stall there he is leaning on the wall of the stall next to me. I guess he is just checking up on his farm seeing if it is in good hands. We also have a ghost cat living in the house everyone in the family has seen it even our 4 yrs old before we told her about it. eat supper one day she as do you see that cat sitting over in that room. That when I told her about the ghost cat. As for "Shawdowlings" if they only happened when I was tired ok or in the same place, maybe I would say enviromental or sleep created. but that's not the case, the biggest place I see them is when I meditate on a big rock at the farm. my "Wizard's Stone", I can see them dancing around the base of the rock and when I'm done they scatter into the four winds.
Thank You from these Members:: Friday, Victorious Lion

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06 Nov 2017 10:44 #3 by Lilacus Artecus
Lilacus Artecus replied the topic: Seeing Shadows & Witch Cats
Well I have seen cats but they have color like I have seen 2 multiple times, a orange one with darker orange stripes also has a white belly, chest and paws and a gray and dark grey persian with yellow eyes. I once saw a black cat too but just once. Here are some pictures that I think suit the cats i have mentioned: www.thepurringtonpos...60_720.jpg www.catster.com/wp-c...at-sit.jpg
encrypted-tbn0.gstat...jsCk5SOTSg cdn.images.express.c...133924.jpg

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