Friday 13th!

14 Apr 2018 18:19 #1 by KatMarie
KatMarie created the topic: Friday 13th!
Greetings, everyone! Yesterday was Friday 13th!
Please, tell us how your day was!

A Sincerely Learning Libra, Blessed Be!

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  • Greetings! I am a Libra, an artist, a writer, a mother to two fur-children, a model, with a yearning for knowledge and guidance on my Pagan Path. -Kat Marie
14 Apr 2018 22:38 #2 by Daella
Daella replied the topic: Friday 13th!
Hi KatMarie! A pleasure to meet you.

Ah. The 'Friday the 13th' thing. You know, I didn't even put two and two together until almost noon the next day when someone mentioned it to me.

It was the most interesting, and likewise, annoying day I've had in a while. Not in the typical 'Friday the 13th' bad way either. I think I'd call it a epiphany/revelation/claircognizance/"get-out-of-my-head" day of frustration. Literally in that, one time that it occurred, I was driving. That moment (or was it several) was almost a disaster. Nothing "wrong" or "bad" happened, but by afternoon and the 3rd or 4th time it happened, I gave up and just proclaimed it my "nope, not doing squat else" evening. My last thought was either some previous day's meditation/workings just passed a clot or I was going to have a stroke, but it was going to happen in the dark with my head on a pillow. I went to bed soon after supper. I honestly didn't ponder the connection to the date until the next day. I still feel squishy.

In hindsight I'm rather giggling at it. Something definitely got off the leash.

Thank You from these Members:: KatMarie

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