I need help developing a spell

10 Jul 2018 18:15 #1 by WaterLotus
I need help developing a spell was created by WaterLotus
Hey everyone, I've been a studying witch for about 3 years. I am starting to develop spells and need a good technique for binding spells. :) anyone have any advice? I want to ensure that the person its directed at doesn't have any harm done to them.

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01 Aug 2018 00:13 #2 by Otatara
Replied by Otatara on topic I need help developing a spell
Good evening WaterLotus.
While you have a good question, only you can write your own spell.
There are various options, such as freezing their name in a bag of water, or binding a card with their name on it in black cord, and burying it.

But I have points I want you to consider, before you begin researching a spell that might suit.

Is there anything you can do, here, and now?
For example:
If you are being harassed at work, go to your manager.
If you feel that you are in danger, ring up the Police.
If your ex-spouse is bullying you, apply for a restraining order at the local courthouse.
And so on. If those things don't apply, then look at what else can be done.

My point is that if you do not do these things, then no amount of freezers, black cords, or buried objects is going to do anything at all. It won't work. The Gods require that we do something to help ourselves, rather than casting a spell and getting them to do everything. And remember, like medicines and herbal remedies, spells have side effects, and many of these cannot be foreseen, particularly when we impinge on someone's free will, like binding spells.

More importantly, YOUR SAFETY is more important than any spell. I hope you are able to get the help you need. Second most importantly, a spell you write yourself has more power, than one than someone else has written, as only you know what your unique circumstances are. Finally, binding spells are not a good first spell to try, and I am wondering if this is the first spell you are planning to cast. I feel they're at a more advanced level, and that you need to look at more basic things first, like improved self respect and self worth, as examples. Take care, and good luck.

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