Time for MAJOR changes to PaganPath: Please read.

03 Aug 2018 17:28 - 03 Aug 2018 17:42 #1 by Bruce A. Grayson
Time for MAJOR changes to PaganPath: Please read. was created by Bruce A. Grayson
After 21 years we've learned a lot, and hopefully you have too. Every few years the site is rebuilt, but even with updates to software and server, things get glitchy after a while. Over two decades after the initial launch, it is time to have a FULL relaunch of PaganPath.

This relaunch is the most significant change the site has ever undergone. Your patience is appreciated.

1. The Academy will be the primary focus of the site. Soon you will be able to explore an entirely new system with better exams, grading, videos, podcasts and great tools to make learning fun and easy. Navigation is being streamlined and errors such as "invalid token" and "invalid code" will soon be a thing of the past.

2. To maintain focus on the Academy, the Forum will be phases out. After over two decades of service, the Forum has dwindled as social media has taken the place of independent bulletin boards and forums. The moderation of the public forum has distracted us from teaching for far too many years. A new system where you ask a question and instructors reply will be in taking the place of the forum.

3. Private messages will also be phased out. Members will be able to see your profile and can email you or message you through other social media. This releases us from maintaining massive security systems to keep your messages private. Time, money and energy better spent on features used by more Members.

4. A regular classroom chat is coming. You will be able to connect with your instructors and other Members at regularly scheduled times to discuss classes, personal matters, exchange readings, play trivia and more.

5. Once the new site is complete, all current FREE Members will become Premium Members for 30 days. If you like what you see, you can join for 90% off. All current Premium Members will have their Membership extended by a full year and a day. All lifetime members, please contact me as there are extras for you too!

6. Fresh faces and new instructors. You will see some new instructors and administrators appearing on PaganPath, and we'll do formal introductions soon.

7. No registration will be required for the public materials and downloads on the site. The only registration necessary for the new site will be for Premium Members with full Academy access. In other words, there will be no "Free Members" and "Premium Members", just Members.

8. Not everything dwindles and becomes phased out. You may already be aware that the PaganPath Almanac has branched off and is now the Practical Witch's Almanac. practicalwitch.com (grab your free copy today!) The PaganPath Shop also became more than one person can handle and is also branching off. We'll keep you posted as to where you will be able to find your favorite PaganPath products when the branch site is available.

Because we are changing the entire platform, re-writing all classes and exams, and adding "talk radio" podcasts, videos, slide shows and much more, you may have to re-take an exam (but you will not need to re-submit any essays). The new exams are quick and easy, and we think they are actually quite fun to take!

It is our goal to engage as many senses as possible in the learning experience and to help everyone learn at their own pace and in their own way. If you learn better by example, you'll get more out of the new videos. If you learn through reading, the textbook is your go-to, etc.

While all this is happening, the owner and founder of PaganPath is on sabbatical, taking a much needed hiatus from the public Pagan world to focus on how PaganPath can best serve the Pagan Community now and in the future, and to re-work all Academy materials, textbooks, etc. Pagan Pride and festival appearances have been canceled, the PaganPath Shop has been closed, and PaganPath's new incarnation is the only focus from now until the Autumn Equinox of 2019 (9/19).

As stated above, this relaunch is the most significant change the site has ever undergone. Your patience is appreciated.
Thank You from these Members:: Otatara, kimberly, angel19157@gmail.com

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