Merry meet, from the newb!

02 Apr 2019 00:15 #1 by M.E.Reyyn
Merry meet, from the newb! was created by M.E.Reyyn
Merry meet, y'all! I hope your day has been good. I'm new to the Craft, and even newer to this site/forum. So, with that said.. who wants to show me the ropes and be friends?

May your days be long and your nights pleasant, with twice the number to you and yours as well. Bless you be!
Thank You from these Members:: Friday, Otatara, Lihpkraft

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  • Merry meet, y'all. I'm a rather young-minded (yet still adult) fledgling that is new on the Path. Which Path? Unsure, as of yet, although something with a Celtic flavor. So far, I'm comfortable being a eclectic, solitary practitioner.
22 Apr 2019 15:31 #2 by Friday
Replied by Friday on topic Merry meet, from the newb!
Merry Meet & Welcome! Chat me up any time!

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