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When I was 17 years old I started to read Lord of the Rings. Earlier I had read The Hobbit, which I found to be a nice, a bit cheeky children's book; Indeed, a book for children, that could be enjoyed by some adults as well.

But Lord of the Rings, now that was different. O, how those Elves called me...

All of my life, I have been an outsider, in my family, at school, in play. The harshness of it all, made me act as if i didn't care at all, I was an untouchable. In my head I had the deepest of relationships, with the most beautiful, lovable, shiny girls and women I came in contact with. Courting became a second nature, but the reality of sweating, smelly, wild driven sex passed me by. Somehow that part seamed too rude, too hidden, too perfect for me.

And then there were Tolkien's Elves, these characters who just accepted what was, recognized a loving, and acted on it. Except when they fell in love with a Human partner, which complicated their lives greatly.

Elves never left my life since those years, long ago. Perhaps it is only make-believe, but of course very serious make-believe. I will probably always search for Elfland, chatting with my Faerie Lover, acting out Eivish ideas, learning Elven languages and such. I am one happy Elf.

The Faerie, Fae, Elves, and such, who I have happen to have met, have one thing in common: they can't hardly believe themselves, and still they know they truly are a Faerie, Fae, Elf, and such.

And we all know it is not just a state of mind, but somehow also a place, Otherworld, Elfin, Elfland, a place that stretches out in our World, but also in far more ethereal matter. If we were Christians, we would state we are trying to bring "Heaven on Earth" but as it is, we are exploring a hardly known area, and bring into reality, what we are experiencing. And those are at the same time very personal things and very collective things. Yes, we are a collective, but a collective of individuals.

Probably dreaming is our primary collective action, dreams that inspire us to make music, write, dance and do all other creative work. But many of us, do this work hidden, almost as if it concerned illegal activities, while we are only trying to live our deepest convictions, a bit tongue in cheek, as it were. Seriously, we have the serious task to not take ourselves too serious. That's why you won't see us often at RPG's and the like. I am told, that in such places, you are charged with real, hard money, to earn the right to be what you are : an happy Elf.

The most important elven activity is to work Magic, Elvenmagic. Many Humans have experienced Elvenmagic: Enter the Elf, and suddenly the company comes to rest, the depressed suddenly feel a light, the people in pain feel less aching, the confused have a moment of lucidity. What has the Elf done? I think he has brought a piece of Elfin into the room, an aura, a radiation.

Elvenmagic doesn't depend much on formal ritual, but on the other hand an Elf is fairly always acting out ritual aptitudes. Elvenmagic is an action in energies. I don't know if there are courses to the effect of learning the magic of the Elves, but if I would come across one, I would probably not believe they could teach me much. However, there are books and courses, that lead persons into Faerie, and I feel these are more reliable as teachers of Elvenmagic; for it is in Otherworld, that every Elf learns their personal subtle magical ways.

The goal of Elvenmagic is in the end to bring Elfin a step closer to the every day reality on this, our Earth (and throughout the Multiverse, for that matter) and thus be healing. We are a peace-loving folk, though of course we are not perfect and can of course fail, to our deep grief. And we can be mischievous at times, so..

Elvenmagic is not learned by studying routines, but through the contact with other elves, in an "osmotic" process; but on the other hand, all of us are born with some Elvenmagic in us, waiting to be worked and developed. Does one have to be born as an Elf? I believe probably not. I think, one can choose to be an Elf, and if at all possible, a happy Elf.

Now, all of us are born with the potentiality the become Fae. Somehow, I have found, that the personal history makes that someone will develop into an Elf. Often, the person is an outsider, very much to their self, very much relating to the trees, the bushes, the birds and the bees, insects crawling in the place where they are playing; they have quite a rapport with cats, dogs, other pets. And somehow they seem utterly not of this world.

They have another common character treat : they find their own way. They don't follow trodden paths, but find a way to their goal in a brand new unlikely way, and they often succeed with it, much to the amazement of the bystanders. But this of course leads to problems, teachers,bosses, parents, the Elf-to-be chooses to do as he likes; partners, siblings, colleagues feel the need to belittle this independent thinker and doer or punish her or make life hard for them in general.

Now there are Elves-to-be who react to all this by becoming nasty, hard, even criminal people. And there are others who just pity their wrongdoers, and who understand that those, in their frustration, can not do differently. Again, they pity them and try to love them into accepting the way of he fae; and they slowly become quite different. Then, at some time, they come across the words of Elfin, and many can rely to that and become one happy Elf.
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