Tarot readings- opinions requested

26 Sep 2016 04:42 #1 by linearosekahn16
linearosekahn16 created the topic: Tarot readings- opinions requested
So nothing too negative please!!!

I was talking with a friend about doing tarot readings for people since I am getting the hang of it. He told me that it would be unethical. When I asked why, he said that I would just be using the skill to fleece people out of hard earned cash. At this point, I hadn't said anything about charging anyone (I still need the practice, so subjects would be helping me out). It got me to thinking though, is he right about those who charge for tarot readings?

I have heard about people who do readings for a living and most of them are reputable and fairly accurate. I think that intent of being honest or trying to swindle people would make a difference. What are the ethics around building tarot as a business?

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26 Sep 2016 18:59 #2 by Otatara
Otatara replied the topic: Tarot readings- opinions requested
I think it comes down completely and utterly to your intentions. Are they honourable? If they are, go forth and read, perhaps with the rider that you are still learning, and therefore you will be charging less, or perhaps nothing at all at first. If you are intending to say whatever comes to mind so you can take people's cash, THEN I might agree with your friend, but I see no reason to believe this to be so. There is no "fleecing" going on, unless there is no reading going on. And it would be very easy to come up with a reasonable pretence, and to fool people, which may be why your friend has said such a thing. So if you have honourable intentions and are honest with your customers, whether you charge them or not, go forth and read. If you are providing a service, then I see no reason why you should not be paid for providing it. The only way to polish your skills - whether you are a tarot reader, teacher, chef, whatever, is to use them. You can know all the theory in the world, and still not know how to make things work in practice, unless you HAVE actually done that practice. And in this case, you need other people to read for, to get that practice. I hope that helps you.
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24 Oct 2016 08:04 #3 by Ladon
Ladon replied the topic: Tarot readings- opinions requested

I agree with what has been said.
One of the 5 Reiki principles translates to "work/earn your living honestly" or 'work diligently".
So I see no problem in making a living with magic, be it by selling items or providing services, as long as you charge a fair price and supply a good quality service or product. In my mind, a healing practitioner or a tarot reader is a craftsman (or woman) like any other and as such should be able to charge for time and energy spent on education, training their skill and providing that skill to others. There is a reason it is called witchCRAFT.
Just because some clients may be vulnerable, that doesn't mean all tarot readers are frauds! I hope your friend knows you better than to think you would take advantage of people.


Thank You from these Members:: linearosekahn16

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24 Oct 2016 18:38 #4 by Tsaa
Tsaa replied the topic: Tarot readings- opinions requested
I agree with you in the fact that it's okay to earn a living with magick. The irritation is that there are so many frauds out there that people have become sceptical

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