Pagan Classifieds, let's try this out!

01 Feb 2017 22:36 - 02 Feb 2017 02:34 #1 by Bruce A. Grayson
Pagan Classifieds, let's try this out! was created by Bruce A. Grayson
Registered PaganPath Members (free) may now have a classified ad here on PaganPath with 1 image/picture.
Premium Members (yearly dues) may run 20 ads with up to 6 pictures in each ad.
Lifetime Premium Members & Moderators may run unlimited classified ads with up to 8 pictures in each ad.

Ads currently are set to expire in 30 days. We will be toggling this around based on your needs.

This is going to be interesting. . . may the chaos begin!

If you make Pagan crafts, potions, or just like to knit, post an add to test out the system and see if you can find others who want to buy your things or join you in discussing them.

If you have an open coven or pagan group, post an ad!

As for personals. . .. . . mmmmm. ...... I dunno, but let's give it a shot for now while we are just testing things out.

KEEP ALL ADS PG RATED. PaganPath is voluntarily rated and registered to several third party companies. In order to be view-able at schools, libraries and other public WiFi areas such as restaurants, we must keep all content acceptable for someone 13 years of age (or older) to read.

Only registered Members can view your contact information in your ad. Everyone who visits the site can view the ad, but to contact you they will need to register (free).

Ready to poke about and see if we can break something?
Click Here to Try to Post an Ad!
Thank You from these Members:: zanna, kimberly, Tricksterisme

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