I need help

24 Jun 2017 20:29 #1 by branwynmyra
I need help was created by branwynmyra
Please. Can you guys help me? My family has found out that I'm a closet witch. And they have told me that if I don't stop, they're going to force me out onto the streets. Me practicing is one of the "tools" that I use to battle my anxiety and depression. Please, if anyone of you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

"The only way to have a friend is to be one"
-Ralph Emerson
Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme, KatMarie

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19 Jul 2017 08:19 #2 by Otatara
Replied by Otatara on topic I need help
Oh, sweetie, what a heartbreaking story.

If your family are going to use those sort of tactics, it matters little what you challenged them with, legal or not - whether you were a witch, or you just wanted to dye your hair green, or that they discovered you are an evil lesbian bondage queen who locks young girls in her cellar.... anything they don't like, they'll come down on you.

You face stark choices - you can "knuckle under" - do as they wish, and let them control your life to suit their own insecurities, or you can be thrown out and then do as YOU wish. Even if they genuinely believe you're on the proverbial Highway To Hell - and that is possible, they don't get to control your choices, and using the threat of forcing you out onto the streets, is despicable.

See what community services are available, and seek advice from your mental health team, which I hope you have, as you are battling mental illness.
Whether you do or do not, refusing to be pushed around, or to hide who and what you are, are powerful weapons to use against both anxiety and depression.
We can't change our families, but we can change ourselves.

My best wishes to you.
Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme, KatMarie

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08 Jul 2018 21:30 #3 by KatMarie
Replied by KatMarie on topic I need help
I am sorry for your struggles, as I am late I hope perhaps things have improved for you. Best wishes to you.

And Otatara put it well.

A Sincerely Learning Libra, Blessed Be!

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