Greetings from Australia

15 Oct 2017 01:45 #1 by Justice60
Greetings from Australia was created by Justice60
Hi Everyone!
I live in Central Queensland, Australia. It's very hot here for 9 months of the year, and this immediate area is known for its cattle industry.
I have 2 horses - who are my familiars, 4 dogs and 2 cats.
I live with my partner Terry. Although I'm new to PagaPath, I am not new to the Craft, having studied and practiced for over 40 years now (I can't believe how fast time disappears!). Mainly I've been involved with Wicca, Traditional Craft paths and Odinism. At Uni I majored in Comparative World Religions and Philosophy.
Horses are my main life interest besides the Craft, and I've ridden them for pleasure, work and competition.
As I'm geographically isolated from any other Pagans I felt PaganPath would be an ideal way to be in touch with witches from around the globe. (This is the sort of tiny, rural town where the townspeople still talk in hushed tones about a couple of - dare I say it? - Buddhists! who passed through here 7 years ago. Yep.......THAT sorta town LOL).
I look forward to being in touch with anyone who would care to say 'hi'.
Brightest Blessings
( My mare's name is Justice!)

Courage is this: being afraid and saddling up anyway. John Wayne.
Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme, KatMarie

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15 Oct 2017 06:56 #2 by zanna
Replied by zanna on topic Greetings from Australia
Merry meet Justice60! I love the description of your town and could definitely relate it to a few places I've visited. We are a varied group here to be sure, so welcome to the community!

If you can't handle an hour of leisure time, then eternity is going to be a problem.
Thank You from these Members:: Justice60, Tricksterisme, KatMarie

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03 Jul 2018 16:41 - 03 Jul 2018 16:42 #3 by KatMarie
Replied by KatMarie on topic Greetings from Australia
Greetings from Oregon! I too can understand the town issue, I hear the whispers and I see the looks, on top of rude people who come to me and tell me in no uncertain terms that I don't belong in that town (that my mother doesn't either) and that I need to accept Christ or I'll burn because I'm "troubled and dark" and I'm following Satan. Ridiculous! Tiny "Bavarian" Style town that is run by Catholics (we have the "famous" Abbey which was built on ancient indian burial grounds, and the Benedictine Sisters run what used to be a Catholic College for women) and it's a town that is full of rich hateful seniors and built on top of fault-lines; which meant the major earthquake when I was 5 took out most of the town, and instead of rebuilding our school, they rebuilt the Church and made the whole elementary school go to school in the basement of the highschool. By the time they built the school I only got to be in the building for one grade, then off to the shitty (sorry) middle school . Went to the middle school a month and mom pulled me out because it was so horrible. Lived in the same house all my life, didn't move out til I was 18, so the post office gossip crew were pretty happy that I was gone and out of their hair. However, the private Christian School (where we thought I'd be ok) was just as bad, apples and oranges, never been the one and only kid targeted as a sinful and irritating person that they can't get rid of quick enough. Mom went and raised hell, told them to take their hate elsewhere because they got what they wanted, us gone. I homeschooled, grades went sky high and graduated at 16, just in time for my dad to see me accomplish it before he died. I used to doubt myself, but I learned I'm a strong person who has a right to learn the ways. You do as well! Hey I lived to 30 so far, I have been doing something right. Blessed be, friend!

A Sincerely Learning Libra, Blessed Be!

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  • Greetings! I am a Libra, an artist, a writer, a mother to two fur-children, a model, with a yearning for knowledge and guidance on my Pagan Path. -Kat Marie
23 Jul 2018 15:32 #4 by Ouroboros
Replied by Ouroboros on topic Greetings from Australia
You will find ignorant people everywhere. Don't let them get you down. Keep your wisdom to yourself, pearls before swine and all that rot.

love and Laughter

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01 Aug 2018 00:20 #5 by Otatara
Replied by Otatara on topic Greetings from Australia
G'day and welcome from across the Tasman Sea!
I lived in Brisbane for a while, but couldn't handle the heat, so I retreated back to New Zealand, and apart from regular trips overseas, remained here.
I hope you enjoy the forums.

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05 Aug 2018 19:34 #6 by Bookworm
Replied by Bookworm on topic Greetings from Australia
Hi and welcome! I've come to accept myself as a the pagan I always was. There's so much to explore here. :)

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