Happy Halloween, everyone!

31 Oct 2017 16:30 #1 by MaryTheMage
Happy Halloween, everyone! was created by MaryTheMage
This is Mary! Im glad everyone of us can now see into the astral realm, etheric realms, and spiritual realms of existences! I love how one has the ability to change the appearances and looks just with thought, but of course, you can go buy clothing from a store. Dress your best, everyone and have the best and most haunted Halloween ever.

I also encourage astral travel to the different realms.

- Mary
Thank You from these Members:: zanna, Tricksterisme, KatMarie

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01 Nov 2017 14:05 - 07 Nov 2017 16:36 #2 by Bruce A. Grayson
Replied by Bruce A. Grayson on topic Happy Halloween, everyone!
Merry Meet Mary,

I hope you also had a blessed Samhain!

I received the following announcement from you through the PaganPath contact form:

MARY: My Return Is Now! Hello, everyone! This is Mary here. Im just letting everyone know that Im back as moderator here, meaning that I will be running this site too! Ive been missing in action (m.i.a) for awhile. This is only a heads up!

As this was yesterday on Samhain I was very busy with other matters, and let it slide for the day, but sent you this quick message hoping for clarification:

Frigga: Welcome back Mary, I got your email from paganpath.com and I wanted to say hi and ask which site you were moderating now, is it Pagan path?

But now I am responding here because somethings are really bothering me. Your first message was an announcement, sent through the PaganPath contact form with multiple recipients. These recipients (myself included) were quite surprised by your message for the following reasons:

1. I am very sorry but we do not remember you being here in the past. What username were you using then?

2. There is now, and always EVER has been only one administrator of the site, myself. All the writing and materials are original work, and all of the programming and publishing are done by myself as well. Although I appreciate help very much, you have never contributed to the administration of PaganPath in my memory. Since I registered the domain name the year after the site began (1997) and have always been the sole administrator, please do not claim to also have ever been one.

3. Moderators for the website are close trusted persons. Over the 21 years we've been around, I can name them all and are grateful to every single one of them, even those who were reluctant to even participate in the site such as AbaKus. But every precious moderator we have had (Zanna, Otatara, Brenna, Banedragon, RabblerouZEN, Delene and a few others.) has earned the right to be a moderator by proving that they are articulate, compassionate, trustworthy and patient. Every moderator has taught me something and has put in a lot of effort. By sending messages out claiming to have been (or currently are) a moderator, administrator or active creator of the site, it diminishes the work of these people, who I consider elders.

Your response to my last message was:

MARY: Yes, I want to be one of the administrators of PaganPath again, so Im back!

And it is now that I must announce to others you may have messaged that I am sorry, but I do not remember you from before, and in order to become a moderator you must be invited by myself to do so. That invitation usually comes after a few years of being active consistently on the site.

I hope that in a few years I will be sending that invitation to you! But today is not the day. You are welcome here, and please continue to post and participate. We all learn from each other here.
Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme

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13 Nov 2017 17:55 #3 by Ouroboros
Replied by Ouroboros on topic Happy Halloween, everyone!
Well, that was bizarre, nicely handled Frigga.

love and Laughter
Thank You from these Members:: Tricksterisme

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06 May 2018 17:02 #4 by KatMarie
Replied by KatMarie on topic Happy Halloween, everyone!
Bizarre indeed - I was quite confuzzled. I agree; Frigga, you are awesome.

A Sincerely Learning Libra, Blessed Be!

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  • Greetings! I am a Libra, an artist, a writer, a mother to two fur-children, a model, with a yearning for knowledge and guidance on my Pagan Path. -Kat Marie
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