Witchy Friends in NWA?

05 Nov 2017 14:24 #1 by verdant--elf
Witchy Friends in NWA? was created by verdant--elf
So I'm like super new to actually practicing being a witch(if that term can be applied? i like it idk) and I would love to make some friends who are I guess interested in similar things? I want to learn as much as possible and also have a friend that I can talk about such things with, and I'm not looking to join a coven or anything like that, just wanna make some friends. I like being solitary, there's a certain freedom in it, in a way, but there's also a lot of uncertainty about whether I'm even doing the right things. Idk I need friends lol :heart: :silly: :hat: :blush: :heart:
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05 Nov 2017 16:36 #2 by zanna
Replied by zanna on topic Witchy Friends in NWA?
Merry meet and welcome verdant elf! There is much here to learn, both in the forum here as well as in the Academy. Many of us are solitary (myself for over 35 years), but I've known some who are happily members of covens. Regardless of your choice (or combination of choices), your path will be your own :hat: Feel free to ask, share, and participate here on PaganPath. Blessings!

If you can't handle an hour of leisure time, then eternity is going to be a problem.
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07 Nov 2017 16:35 #3 by Bruce A. Grayson
Replied by Bruce A. Grayson on topic Witchy Friends in NWA?
Merry Meet! Ask anything you like here, you are most welcome.
Are you in North West Arkansas? (NWA?)
After being solitary for years, and in covens for years, I've struck a balance by working primarily with my partner and as a solitary, while visiting local covens a few times a year, attending and presenting at festivals, and about once or twice a year we hold a "North Door" group. That's a study group my partner and I started for solitaries (and a few coven members from nearby areas) to attend and do intensive learning sessions for energy work, meditation, working with energy, or just to take a field trip like when the Buddhist monks came to Little Rock, or a couple years ago we reserved an entire crystal mine on the full moon and went digging together all day, or to go to a herb festival together.

Eventually you will find your own balance of what works for you, hopefully a big part of that will be here at PaganPath :)

You are invited to add me as a friend on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Friggawyrd
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