Potions Season Continues

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Are the long days of winter beginning to get to you?  It may be time to brew up some potions!  Our favorite rainy day or cold weather activity is to have a "Potions Day".  All the oils, waxes, herbs and tools come out, a good Witchy movie or audiobook goes on, and we create soaps, ointments and balms, candles, perfumes, bath salts and much more.

As a carpenter, my partner works outdoors a lot, and likes to make balms (like lip balm) and ointments to keep his skin protected.  We also do a considerable amount of gardening and enjoy making our own soap to help reduce poison ivy reactions, or eliminate the garlic odor after cooking.  With the Imbolc Sabbat close, we enjoy making about a dozen candles to use during Sabbats and Esbats in the coming year.

A basic ointment is four parts oil to one part wax.  For example a cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of melted beeswax.  To make a balm (firmer ointment like lip balm) simply use more wax or less oil.  For a softer ointment similar to petroleum jelly, use a bit more oil or less wax.  You can add calendula or herbs to your oil to infuse it first, and strain it to make ointment, or you might enjoy adding essential oils to make a heel and elbow lavender ointment or a solid perfume.

For recipes and ideas for your Potions Day, check out the site search at the top right of every page (click on the key).

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