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PaganPath is the oldest and most highly respected online academy for learning Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, and magic. Since 1996 we have been exploring Earth-based spiritual and magical paths together. This year for Yule (Dec. 21, 2019) we have a huge surprise for you! For the pasts two years we have been developing a whole new website and academy. In order to accomplish this new launch, we have to take the main site offline for a little while. While you are here, be sure to check out this incredible sale: Deep discounts can be found right here on this page for The 2020 Practical Witch's Almanac and a very special offer for Premium Membership/Enrollments.

You will have full access to NEW courses, DIY projects, spells, and so much more. Rather than the old text-based reading and tests, you will now have a rich, interactive experience with podcasts, videos, live chats, multiple instructors, and eventually you will be able to offer your own classes in the new academy!

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The Practical Witchs Almanac 2020 by Friday Gladheart

Membership has always been an annual fee that allows you to take any/all of the courses at your own pace with one single payment. The new system will allow you to select just the classes you want and pay as you go. This is the last special we will offer that includes complete access to everything for this low price. You will still save a lot of money by becoming a Premium Member now while we are re-booting the site. Anyone with a current Premium Membership or who joins here before Dec. 21st will save 75% off the new admission fees, and you will have access to all core classes taught by the original founders of PaganPath, and the author Friday Gladheart. Scroll down to order Almanacs in the United States, or for discounts on Enrollments and Premium Membership anywhere in the world.

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Enrollment for a full year and a day is only $49 right now. You save 75% off the new enrollment fees, and will continue to receive significant discounts forever. Learn from anywhere in the world! If you add the $10 to receive an almanac, please note that we can only ship to U.S. addresses at this time. Enrollment is usually for a year and a day, but when you enroll here, you can begin on Dec. 21st, and will not need to renew until Jan. 2, 2021.

Important: If you are in Canada, UK, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, we will have options for you to order almanacs soon. Meanwhile, you can enroll in the academy now and get coupon codes for your almanac later.

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