Large Double Terminated Quartz

Large double terminated, smokey quartz crystal with rutile inclusions.
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This large double terminated smokey quartz with rutile inclusions would make a great altar piece or generator for any home. There is a slight flaw opposite the rutile inclusion on the large termination, it may have taken a fall and now it looks like scuffed up or smashed glass. This flaw has not affected the structural integrity of the crystal or its potential as a great focus for energy work.     

Dimensions: 7 3/4'' long x 3 1/4''wide(large end) 2 3/8''wide(small end) x 2 1/2''tall(large end) 1 3/8'' tall(small end). The body of the crystal consists of four small faces (4 5/8'' long x 1 3/8'' wide) and two large faces (4 3/4'' long x 1 7/8'' wide). The large termination is 2 5/16'' long. The small termination is 1 5/8''long.

Six triangle facets come together to form a point called a termination. Occasionally you will find crystals that are terminated on two ends, known as double terminated. Double Terminated Crystals are good at sending and receiving energy. Making them great for long distance healing, sending the healing energy and receiving a feel for how the recipient is responding. Do to different factors during the crystals formation different coloration. Smokey Quartz is yellowish to brown or gray – transparent or opaque. Smokey quartz is known for is abilities in grounding, protection, shielding, balancing, dispels negativity. Rutilated Quartz is quartz with rutile included(TiO2 or titanium dioxide) – usually gold strands or fine hairs running throughout the crystal. Rutilated quarts Increases energy, focuses will power, helps harmonize a wide variety of perceptions and insights. Quartz is used to enhance your meditation, prayer, healing and magic. It amplifies and focuses energy, and can be used to move and direct energy.


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