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True History of Candle Magick
True History of Candle Magick

Colored candles can be excellent magical tools, however, candle magic in its current form is a relat [ ... ]

Sacred Lotus & Heat Producing Plants
Sacred Lotus & Heat Producing Plants

You maintain a body temperature of around 37 °C (98.6 °F) as do many warm blooded animals.  B [ ... ]

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  Your dedication to study and participation is rewarded with Points.  [ ... ]

Fiction for Pagans
Fiction for Pagans

There are some wonderful books that Pagans, Witches and Wiccans may be quite interested in, but beca [ ... ]

Pagan Altars in Christian Churches
Pagan Altars in Christian Churches

Churches were frequently built over ancient sacred Pagan sites. The Christian altar was placed on th [ ... ]

Child of the Lady Oil Formula
Child of the Lady Oil Formula

An incredible oil for Magic, Ritual and Personal Fragrance! Enjoy this exclusive formula! Fragrance [ ... ]

Order with a Money Order

We only accept United States Postal Service money orders.  You can pick up a U.S.P.S. money ord [ ... ]

Working With Crystals & Stones Course Guide
Working With Crystals & Stones Course Guide

This is the course index for the Working With Crystals & Stones class.  Your studies will b [ ... ]

The Garden's Unseen Magical Forces

There are unseen forces working their magic in your garden! Have you ever printed a photograph when  [ ... ]

PaganPath Copyright Information
PaganPath Copyrights

Copyright © 1986-2018 All rights reserved. This web site and its content may not be [ ... ]

1: What is Quartz Crystal?
1: What is Quartz Crystal?

Welcome to the newest course available in the PaganPath Academy! The first two lessons of this onlin [ ... ]

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The Library contains hundreds of original articles about magic spells rituals Witchcraft Wicca and all Pagan PathsWelcome to the PaganPath Library.  This area contains hundreds of articles about everything from spells, magic and rituals to gardening, herbs, chickens and even Ouija boards.  All articles are original, not copied out of books for from other websites.

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