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PaganPath is the oldest and most highly respected online academy for learning Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, and magic. Since 1996 we have been exploring Earth-based spiritual and magical paths together.

Pagan Path is now Witch Academy

We have a huge surprise for you! For the pasts few years, we have been developing a whole new website and academy. In order to accomplish this new launch, we have to take the main site offline for a little while. While you are here, be sure to check out this incredible sale: Deep discounts can be found right here on this page for enrollment in the new format of Pagan Path, now known as Witch Academy.

You will have full access to NEW courses, DIY projects, spells, and so much more. Rather than the old text-based reading and tests, you will now have a rich, interactive experience with podcasts, videos, live chats, and multiple instructors, and eventually, you will be able to offer your own classes in the new academy!

A note from the administration:

The new Academy is being updated to bring you amazing new features. If you join with the discounts (lowest prices ever!) on this page, please understand that you will have access to the new Academy while it is being rebuilt. Once all materials are available, the price of enrollment will go up considerably.

If you aren’t already a Member, please Enroll below to get the best deal, and understand that we are offering you this massive discount because of the construction and delays in new materials. We are excited to have you here! Many thanks for your support and for getting in early on the re-boot of Witch Academy. Stay in touch by signing up for the newsletter at Bright Blessings and thanks to you!
Friday Gladheart

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